Pollen Album of Rhizophora Members in Nigeria and Its Taxonomic Implications

J. K. Ebigwai, A. A. Egbe, B. L. Nyannanyo, B. A. Ngele

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Seasonal Changes in Field-to-storage Insect-pests of Maize and Implications for Their Control in South-Western Cameroon

Divine Nsobinenyui, Nelson N. Ntonifor, Eric B. Fokam

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Evaluation of Black-Headed Oriole Oriolus brachyrhynchus (Swainson, 1837) as Bioindicator of Arsenic Contamination Using Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS)

F. A. Egwumah, P. O. Egwumah, B. T. Tyowua

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Effect of Mycorrhizal Inoculation (VAM) and Phosphorus Levels on Yield, Quality, Nutrient Uptake and Post Harvest Nutrient Status of Sunflower

C. Kalaiyarasan, S. Jawahar, M. V. Sriramachandrasekharan, R. Ramesh

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Effects of Lime on Growth and Yield of Mucuna flagellipes (Vogel ex Hook) in an Acid Tropical Ultisol

O. A. Agba, J. E. Asiegbu, E. E. Ikenganyia, M. A. N. Anikwe, T. E. Omeje, J. O. Adinde

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