Hydrostructural Pedology, New Scientific Discipline Allowing for Physical Modelling of ‘Green Water’ Dynamics in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System

Erik Braudeau; Hassan Boukcim; Amjad T. Assi, Rabi H. Mohtar

Page: 1-8
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Sweet Potato Varietal Evaluation Trial for Food Nutritional Values

Abonuusum Ayimbire, Abdul- Rahaman Saibu Salifu, Christina Abi Atinga, Delali Polycarp

Page: 1-12
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Dynamics of Carbon and Nutrients in a Successional Forest Sequence in the Mesopotamian Espinal (Argentina)

C. Mendoza, N. Ayala, M. Antivero, C. Italiano, E. Giardina, A. Di Benedetto

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Sowed Pastures in the South-Eastern Romanian Plain

Kinan M. Kadir

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Assessing Different Irrigation Regimes Regarding Chlorophyll Content of the Sweet Bell Pepper

Ahmet Tezcan, G. Ece Aslan, Harun Kaman, Mehmet Can, Abdullah Sayic, Ufuk Gökçen, Hazel Ekizoğlu

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