Growth Status and Parasitic Fauna of Clarias gariepinus Collected from Ogbese River and Owena River, South-West Nigeria

A. O. Abidemi-Iromini, R. A. Adelegan

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Biometrical Evaluation of Morphological Traits in Family Cucurbitaceae in Lafia, Nigeria

Macauley Asim Ittah, Emmanuel H. Kwon-Ndung

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Diallel Analysis of Sweet Potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam] Genotypes for Combined Beta Carotene and Dry Matter Content in Southern Guinea Savanna, Nigeria

M. S. Afolabi, O. B. Bello, G. O. Agbowuro, C. O. Aremu, M. O. Akoroda

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Growth and Extracellular Enzyme Activity Responses of a Multi-enzymic Strain of Serratia sp. in a Simulated Diesel-contaminated System

Atim Asitok, Sylvester Antai, Maurice Ekpenyong

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Control of Ralstonia solanacearum on Selected Solaneceous Crops in Greenhouse by Selected Soil Amendments

E. K. Kago, Z. M. Kinyua, J. M. Maingi, P. O. Okemo

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